The Xmas Chainsaw Massacre - Teaser Trailer

The Xmas Chainsaw Massacre is now in peer review on the XNA website....

Here is a trailer to whet your appetites!

The Xmas Chainsaw Massacre!

We've been busy (and quiet) for the best part of the year.

Here is a WIP video of a game we aim to release in the next couple weeks!

More info coming soon!

Avatar Bumper Cars Gets Online Play!

Flying Squirrel Games would like to officially anounce that it's #1 selling title, Avatar Bumper Cars, has just had a patch approved for release on Xbox Live Indie Games.  This patch, in addition to fixing a few minor issues found previously, incorporates the much-anticipated Xbox LIVE Multiplayer mode.

We look forward to playing a game with you soon!

Avatar Bumper Cars Update!

Good day, loyal Flying Squirrel followers.

Just a quick update today to mention that the Xbox LIVE multiplayer patch has been in peer review for a while now, and it's taking a bit longer to release the game this time - probably as online modes take a lot longer to review.  Expect the update to hit the game within a few weeks though.

As well as this, we're happy to announce that sales of the game passed 12,300 as of May 6th.  This is extremely awesome and we're thankful to everyone that's bought the game so far!

Hope to see you online when the patch is released!

First Trailer for Avatar Bumper Cars

We have made a trailer to show off ABC. Check it out below, or if you have something against youtube (maybe it ran over your cat or something) you can view it at Gametrailers or Vimeo.

Feel free to share it with anyone and (preferably) everyone :)

Avatar Bumper Cars Review Roundup!

Following on from that mouthful of a title, greetings!

Today I'm going to share a collection of all the reviews we've had so far.  Enjoy!




Small Cave Games:

More will be posted as they're found!

Some news - I've been working since the game was released on a patch to include online play in the game.  Look out for this soon!

Final Code Giveaway!

We've reached the 5th day of Avatar Bumper Cars code giveaways.

Today's the final "rearrange the code" competition.

Here's today's code, and don't forget to let us know on twitter @TorturasFSG if you're the winner!

EDIT: Code Redeemed!

Good luck!

Even though this is the final "rearrange the code" game, we are having 2 special (and much larger) code hunt games tomorrow and saturday for the final codes.  Stay tuned on twitter for more info!

Avatar Bumper Cars Competition!

Greetings everyone!

Here is today's "rearrange the code" game.

Let us know on twitter @TorturasFSG if you're the lucky redeemer!

EDIT: Code redeemed! Check back tomorrow for the final "rearrange the code" game.

Good luck!

Competition Time Again!

Here is today's "rearrange the code" competition.

I'll make it slightly easier than Sunday's version.

EDIT: Code Redeemed!

Let us know on twitter @TorturasFSG if you're the winner! Enjoy!

Top Download!

Avatar Bumper Cars sold 750 copies on it's first day.

That was enough to send the game to the top downloaded game.  Let's try and keep it there!

Keep an eye out for more code giveaways today and the rest of the week!

Avatar Bumper Cars Competition Time!

Greetings friends!

We're going to be giving away codes daily for the next few days for Avatar Bumper Cars.

So here's the first code - it's split into separate parts though... first person to rearrange it into the right order wins!

 Code redeemed! - Follow @TorturasFSG for the next competition later today!

Good luck, and let us know on twitter @TorturasFSG if you manage to win it!

Avatar Bumper Cars RELEASED!

Flying Squirrel Games would like to announce that Avatar Bumper Cars has been released to the world on Xbox Live Indie Games.

Official blub:

"Avatar Bumper Cars is a 1-4 player arena battle game. Watch your avatar take control of a bumper car in one of 5 different arenas and face off against either your friends or the computer in an action packed battle! Use your car's spikes to hit their gas cans and send them flying out of the arena. Will you be the last man standing?"

You can download the game for the small sum of 80 Microsoft Points.

You can get it from your Xbox console, or by clicking here:

Stay tuned to this website for competitions soon!

Avatar Bumper Cars Complete!

Hey all!

For today's post I would like to share the news that Avatar Bumper Cars has "gone gold" as much as an Indie Game can.  What this essentially means is that the game is finished, all the content is in, all the features are in, and all that's left is for the game to pass review.

At the time of writing, the final build is in playtesting on the xna site - so if you're a member go and give it a shot.  I will be uploading the final build for submission and review on Thursday (11th March).  This means we expect the game to be releasing sometime in the following week or so - providing there are no massive bugs present.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting release!

ABC Update

Just a quick post today to drop in some new screenshots from ABC.

The game is now complete, and we're just polishing everything up ready to get it released - but for now, enjoy these screenshots:


Avatar Bumper Cars

I posted something about this game a while back, before we made TFBC last December.

Just thought I'd drop some new info in to show you we're still working hard on the game.  As you might know, the original intention for the project was to be quick and quite basic.  The focus has shifted into getting it more polished now, so it's going to be in development for a few weeks more than we originally said.  However, the game will still be out very soon, so keep an eye out for it!

For now, have some new screenshots.


Banana Split Price Cut!

Flying Squirrel Games would like to announce that Banana Split has been reduced to the glorious price of 80MSP.  That's approximately $1.  Or about 70 pence.  Why are you reading this instead of buying it?  Go!