Announcing: Avatar Battle Bees!

Hello! For those who have been following us on Facebook, you'll already know that we have been working on a new project since the 20th of January. I felt it was about time we got around to updating the blog. So without further a due:

Avatar Battle Bees!

Trying to follow up on the success of Avatar Bumper Cars we have chosen to return to the world of avatars after a small diversion of rabid elves and huge blood thirsty snowmen. Avatar Battle Bees is pretty much what the name suggests! Large bees (which your XBL avatar rides) take to the skies in battle, each one bringing a different combination of weapons and perks. The game will be XNA for XBL and will support online play. So you'll bee able to take down your friends with 'stinger' missiles and water cannons.

Here is some work in progress screen shots.

As you can see the game is starting to take shape this is a glimpse of one level so far. More levels are in the pipeline, as we update the game we'll try to keep the blog updated. Fingers crossed and look to the skies in May!