Competition time, better than bed time but worse than bath time.

So as you know from avidly following the blog, we're going to be releasing a new game very soon. Since we are really lazy and obviously we love the community, we thought you guys could come up with a name for us.

The Game is a 2D side-scroller where you play as Santa delivering presents via throwing them into chimneys. You press the face buttons (A,X,Y,B) to throw the right present into the right chimney. It can also be played with a guitar controller for maximum coolness.

The talented individual that comes up with the winning name will receive a code to download our previous game Banana Split for free (so make sure we can contact you, e-mail is easiest).
So post your name ideas in the comments.

The Competition is now closed, thanks to everyone who submitted ideas.

The winner is: Andrew, for the name "The Flight Before Christmas"

He'll receive codes for Banana Split and The Flight Before Christmas, as well a mention in the credits.

The runners up are: Zidargh for "December Dash", warlockuk for "Santa and the Riffing Reindeer" and caligari for "Quick St. Nick!".

They'll all receive codes for The Flight Before Christmas, when it's released.


Craig said...


Ok just starting things off there, a better effort later if anything springs to mind!

Anonymous said...

Santa's Jingle Bell Rock Band?

Andrew said...

Cringle's Crazy Festive Throwdown

The Flight Before Christmas

Chimney Potting


Anonymous said...

Sorry forgot to put my email, not that I will win or anything, because admittedly it's not very original.

Uhfgood -at- verizon -dot- net

Anonymous said...

'All along the Rooftops' would be pretty good

as would be:

Slingin' Santa

Let's Save Christmas!

Present Panic

That is all I have right now.


Anonymous said...

Chimney Drop

Santa's Gift Drop

Christmas Droppin'

helenhodson said...

How about:

~ Christmas Capers;
~ Festive Fun;
~ Gift Drop;
~ Christmas Hero;
~ Santa's Sack;

Please contact me via twitter @hodsey77

Mr-Brett said...

On behalf of PC1975:

Santa's Big Night Out

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