ABB Update [17th April]

Hi everyone its time for another update! So I guess you're wondering what we have been up to over the past 12 days. The answer to that question is lots! Milestone 4 have been met meaning that the date we intend to release ABB is on track (so far!). So whats new then?


Kieran has been working his socks off since the last update. Different game modes have had their frameworks laid out, these will include:

Deathmatch - for all your bog standard killing needs.
Wave Defense - Think zombie survival mode, without the zombies and with bees!
Capture The Hive (CTH) - Capture the flag bee style....

AI has been finished.  If you cannot find a player online the AI will always be willing to challenge you in wave defense mode.

Particles have been added, and unlike the bullets from the weapons these are secondary effects that go in the environments and are used to show things that can't really be modelled in 3D effectively.  Things like EXPLOSIONS. In addition to the explosions, so far there are water spray effects from a waterfall and flames/smoke from a camp-fire. May not initially sound like gripping stuff to you but to us its a massive leap forward!


Like the code side of the game, art has moved forward with the addition of the super secret level that Brett was cooking up (it was only super secret as I wasn't on the approved list of people who got to know!) Its a deathmatch map based around a tree top village.

As you can see this map has all those pretty particle effects that Kieran slaved over in, you'll agree they are magnificent! Also no update would be complete without a new game play clip...

Brett has also textured all the weapons now:

The white areas are where the custom colours for you Bees go. As its very important that when you're on a rampaging killing spree your showing off your custom colours!

As for the Garden level I mentioned last time its still in the pipeline. Due to work I have not been able to put as much time into ABB as the rest of the team. However due to well placed holiday days I'll have 11 days off around the Easter period so fingers crossed I'll man up and have it done by then!


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omg, this game is awesome for kids >3 like my son plays Helicopter Game alot, I should get this game for him

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