ABB Update [5th April]

Howdy followers, its time for a few updates on the progress of the game. Since the last update the game has been moving forward even more. The code has been updated, models have been built and textured. Altogether its starting to look very nice if I do say so myself!

This is a pre-alpha video of game play footage form about 2 weeks ago. The clip shows the movement around one of the levels on the game recorded by Brett.

Since this video was recorded the game has developed more. With a few updates to the camera lag and how it follows the Bees on their epic battle of the skies the game play feels more like your flying the bee around, rather than moving it. An update of the game play footage will follow in the coming few days as the last parts are cleaned up.

New additions to the art: Since the last update the bee model and the weapons model has been textured. The above image is fresh off the presses so to speak. The projectiles now have their own models. So now can you not only fly around an island town, you can fly around an island town launching honey combs and pollen lumps at your fellow bees!

Also in the pipeline is another 2 levels (possibly more). One of these levels is featured in a back garden, with decking, washing line and trees to fly around. Here are some early WIP screen shots of this level.

The "Garden" level is hopefully going to be used as a CTF type mode with the flag replaced with either a hive or pollen or something else bee related. At this moment in time extra game modes will be added when the team is happy with how the death match aspect works.

As for the second in the pipe line its a closely regarded secret!

New Additions to the design: Since the last update some outline ideas have been drawn up for the Perk systems. So far there is a total of three perks that the player can equip which will lend to their play style and give them an edge over their enemies.

Shield: This will give the player a temporary shield which will grant a damage reduction. Useful when you have a swarm of angry bees closing in on you with stinger missiles.

Speed Boost: This will give the player a real kick to their flying speed, handy when chasing after your pray.

Extra Damage: This will upgrade the strength of the players fire-power. For those suicidal moments where harder hitting pollen blobs will make the enemy bees fall out of the sky.

So far all the perks will be running on a 10sec Duration and a 30-45sec Cooldown with this system timing will be key to survive those encounters.

That is all for the moment. I'll keep you all updated on the progress as and when its made!


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